Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Playing! (January 13-19)

Lots of pictures of the kids playing this week.  And lots of smiles.

1/13:  Brenna discovered her tongue!  We don't recall Liam doing this.  But all she wanted to do all day was stick her tongue in and out!

1/13:  Liam scooping sand at the "Sand Playground".

1/14:  Brenna loves bouncing in the bouncy chair!

1/14:  Liam likes playing with Brenna's toys, too.

1/15:  Chewing everything!

1/15:  Showing off his new teeth and new cheesy posed smile.

1/16:  Already rocking a 2T hand-me-down dress.  

1/16:  Oma and Opa sent Liam's favorite cereal!

1/17:  Not so sure about bananas.

1/17:  New hair cut!

1/18:  Brenna loves these stacking cups.

1/18:  Smoothie!  We're trying to get Liam's weight back up and he loves these Odwalla kids smoothies.  Lots of nice empty calories!

1/19:  Playing with the little piano (the back is just as interesting as the front, it turns out).

1/19:  Tractor scooping on the couch!