Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Feeding (January 20-26)

Lots of pictures this week involving eating and food.  Brenna is experimenting a lot with food.  And Liam would rather play with food than eat it!

1/20:  Yogurt for breakfast is good, but messy.  Ravioli got a bit drenched while cleaning up.

1/20:  Out for a walk and to feed the neighborhood chickens.

1/21:  Brenna loves these little kale cheddar puffs.

1/21: Liam helped me make more rainbow rice.  Our old batch was well loved and it was time for a refresh, this time with a little helper!

1/22:  Liam got new undies!  He's not quite ready to make the switch but he sure was proud to model them.

1/23:  Brenna dancing in the kitchen with her Dadda.  And a lot of drool.

1/24:  Liam is still playing with the water beads, too.  And wearing my necklace, of course.

1/24:  In a pile of toys on the guest bed while Liam watches "Momma TV" and eats.  It is our new trick to get him to eat - we let him watch videos if he's actively eating.

1/24:  Speaking of, here he is eating!  He loved this dish of shredded chicken, beans and cheese.

1/25:  Eating out at the diner and all Brenna got was a stinky pouch of purees!

1/25:  Liam entertained himself with Brenna's toys while waiting for his grilled cheese and french fries.

1/26:  A cold day at the farmer's market.

1/26:  Pizza and olives at the farmer's market, a new Saturday tradition.