Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Helpers (March 3-9)

This week was full of little helpers.  Liam helped make dinner and vacuum.  Brenna helped me eat my apple.  And Friend Matt helped Liam run and cross the street and dine.

3/3:  Out for dinner at Pig & Pie, patiently waiting for her order.

3/3:  Dinner with "Friend Matt".  Friend Matt got to "holda hand" as we crossed the street, "run!" with Liam as he rode his balance bike, and share his seat at dinner.

3/4:  Playing with Dadda.

3/4:  Scooping blocks with his new excavator.

3/5:  A week late on Brenna's 8 month photo shoot.
3/6:  Taking shots of water in her open cup.  Another favorite Brenna past time.

3/6:  Liam would rather play with his dinner plate than eat what is on it!  Pretending to cook in the microwave.
3/8:  Brenna stole my apple and sucked on it for quite a while until I managed to wrestle it back.

Liam "fixing it" on the guest room floor.

3/8:  Brenna's first piano recital.

3/8:  Liam loves to vacuum.  He also likes to practice plugging it in, which of course requires keen supervision.
3/9:  Brenna processing apples slices.

3/9:  Liam handing Ravioli a treat.  He used to always throw them on the floor, but lately he's handing them to her and she takes them very gently.