Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Love (February 10-16)

This week was Valentine's Day, which meant extra treats and lots of love.

2/10:  Swinging at the playground.

2/10:  Brought the tractor to the playground and scooped leaves. 

 2/11:  All smiles playing in her chair at the island while we get some things done in the kitchen.

2/11:  Liam likes to help make juice in the juicer.  Sometimes he even likes to drink the juice.
2/12:  Liam got a Valentine's Day card!  And it is delicious.

2/12:  Running circles around the kitchen island with his giraffe, naturally.  We all get instructed to join in on the running. 

2/14:  Liam tried my Valentine's Day candy gram lollipop and was not too impressed.

2/14:  Grandma gave Brenna a sparkly headband for Valentine's Day.  It matched her outfit too!
2/15:  Playdoh is something both kids can enjoy at the same time.  Brenna likes to play with all the shape cutters and other tools.

2/15:  Liam likes to play with the actual dough.

2/16:  Ready for dinner and getting a bit impatient.

2/16:  Having a snack while watching a little Yo Gabba Gabba.