Thursday, July 31, 2014

Superheros (July 20-27)

This week there was a lot of Batman.  We played Batman and wore Batman and talked about Batman.  He's the number one super hero in our house and often lately Liam likes to be called Batman.

July 20:  Brian picked up a skateboard at a garage sale yesterday during naptime.  We showed it to Liam this morning.  He was pretty stoked.  He's been asking to skateboard for ages.  He'll need some practice though!

Brenna and Ravioli were pretty interested, too.

Both kids took a little bit of a turn on it.

But mostly we carried it.

We decided to head to a nearby playground that has a good spot to practice riding, and brought both the skateboard and Brenna's scooter, which she is still learning to ride.

Fun on the playground equipment.

Liam insisted that I take pictures of him riding his motorcycle.  He either doesn't want his picture taken, or he's ordering me to take pictures.  Oh the whims of a 3.5 year old.

It was getting pretty hot and sunny, so we played with sand in the shade.

Dadda took a pretty great picture of Liam, while we were waiting for our food at lunch.

July 21:  Dadda picked up two new easels for the kids today (at my request).  Brenna is pretty excited about it.  She was also pretty excited about her new pajamas and insisted she had to put them on immediately (before dinner, even).

Liam still loves books.  And he knows most of the dozens we have by heart.  Somehow he remembers the words even if we haven't read them in months.  I caught him reading this Halloween story aloud to himself before bedtime and managed to capture a pretty good smile, too.

The new batman shirts arrived today, too.  We're in a superhero phase of life, primarily Batman.  I accidentally ordered two.  But it was a happy accident because both kids loved them and can wear the same size and were pretty happy to be matching.

July 22:  The kids went to their first movie theater movie!  They saw Walking With Dinosaurs, a special $1 kids showing.  And they loved it!  And they loved the movie theater snacks, of course.

Pre-bath running, a nightly ritual.  This time in a superhero shirt.

Brenna prefers a naked run.  Anytime.

July 22:  Our awesome babysitter, Laura, watched the kids today so Brian could get some work done.  Liam has been wearing his batman belt with every outfit this week.  He was trying to get her attention to show her his belt while she was helping Brenna wash her hands.

Dessert!  We're back to working on Liam's eating habits (volume and range).  When he eats a good dinner and tastes everything on his plate, he gets dessert.  Brenna always gets dessert when he does, because she remains a pretty good eater (great by comparison).

Dancing and giggling on the carpet in our bedroom.  We had to clear everything from the "dance floor" first, of course, at Liam's request.

These two have so much fun together, at times.

Brenna figured out how to make a fish face.  Pretty good for a 2 year old!

July 24:  Rocking out with Liam's drum set.

We also did a little baking, making banana bread.

July 25:  It was a warm day, so we filled up the water table.

Liam got all his gear on and played in the dirt in what is going to be our downstairs apartment.  Work started this week and Liam is back in construction worker guy mode.

The kids love to do "science" with their measuring cups and spoons.  And Liam decided his tractor needed a wash.

And then the clothes started to come off.

Ravioli was unsure.

But when can you spend an evening in your batman undies and shark shoes outside in San Francisco?

Monkey see, monkey do.

July 26:  Since the weather was still warm (not quite as warm), we headed to Muir Beach.  It is next to where we got married and we hadn't been there in years.  Everyone was excited.

Ravioli may have been the most excited.

Brenna insisted on the pink hair clip, which matched her suit perfectly.

We did a lot of digging.

And splashed in the water.

And more digging.

And some giggling.

And Ravioli got to swim and catch the ball.

She slept all the way home.

Brian decided to end the outing with giant ice cream cones in the car.

Not surprisingly, this happened.

July 27:  We met up with some friends at Dolores Park on another warm day.

Brenna took her first turn on a big girl swing, and loved it.  She likes to go pretty high.

Liam was really happy to get to play with his buddy, Lucas.

Then there was some spinning.

And shared spinning.  The kids were so hot, we left a little earlier than planned.  San Francisco kids are not used to sweating!