Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Solo (July 13-19)

Usually, both kids want to do everything with our whole family.  But, this week, we all got chances to do things on our own.  Liam spent the week going to camp at this new school.  While he was at camp, Brenna got to go on lots of adventures with Brian.  And, later in the week, Brenna and I got to do some girls stuff while the boys had some time together..

July 13:  Well, Liam was finally upright.  And well enough that he wanted to get out of the house.  So, I took him to Dolores Park playground, but he barely had enough energy to go down the slide twice.  So, we sat and watched other kids play a bit, then headed home.

After nap time, we also got outside for a ride around the block!  Brenna was happy to get her buddy back.

They also did a little playing in the backyard.

All that fun wore Liam out.  So, back to the couch with his buddy, Ravioli.

While Brenna worked on her art.

July 14:  Liam started eating again!  Finally, on Monday night - a week since he had last eaten!

We celebrated with some dessert, even.  Liam still wasn't looking great, but he had recovered a lot.

And Ravioli, the doting nurse, was exhausted from a long 8 days of Liam begin sick.

July 15:  Despite being a bit ill, Liam was at camp all week.  The camp is at his new preschool (where Brenna was going last year), so a good chance for him to get used to the place, kids, teachers.  And hopefully make a friend or two.

So, Brenna got to spend the week with Gagga.  They went for a stroll and out to lunch.

To lift some spirits after a long week, and bribe Liam to eat, we got some new Legos.

Brenna gave her new Duplos a hug.

Liam to his first real Legos.  He loved putting them together with Dadda.

Lego trucks!  

We started to see glimpses of our old, well Liam again.

Thank goodness for a little fun in the evening, all playing together.

July 16:  While Liam was at camp, Brenna checked out a new art class with Gagga.

We got some new storage solutions for our mounting pile of stuffed animals.

And they make seats, too!

Ravioli still gets her usual seat, though.

July 17:  Another day with Liam at camp and Brenna out with Gagga.  Today they went to the Randall Museum to see some animals.

Some out of town friends came to meet us for dinner.  Batman (Liam) waited in the window for them to arrive.

Brenna has been doing a lot of counting lately.  She loves 5 and two 5s is even better!

She also loves spitting, which we don't love so much.

Checking out ants in the crack of the sidewalk outside the restaurant, of course.

July 18:  I had a work offsite to the Ferry Building and Alcatraz.

In the evening, I got to spend a little one on one time with Brenna.  We went for a walk and got her a dinsaur popsicle.

And played in the shower.

Meanwhile, Liam and Dadda went to Pixar at the SF Symphony.

Liam was pretty excited.

We all had a great night.  The smile says it all.

July 19:  I wanted to get to the farmers market for some fresh produce.  Brenna wanted to come along.  We left Liam and Dadda to their own fun.

Later, we played a little bug game that Oma gave us.

And we decided to break out the pasta make that we haven't ever really used and try our hand at making spaghetti for dinner.

Both Liam and Brenna were really into it.  And it came out great!