Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ill (July 6-12)

It was a rough week.  We started out in Boston with Brenna ill for 8 days.  By Tuesday, we were headed home and Liam was getting sick, too (on the plane, no less).  Liam was sick the rest of the week.  It was a long, rough road through our week.  But we managed to have some fun, smiles and laughs.

July 6:  Despite a sick Brenna, we decided to venture to the aquarium on our first full day in Boston.  They had penguins!  That was sure to lift Brenna's spirits.

Both Liam and Brenna love fish.

Liam introduced "Lobbie" (his stuffed lobster) to the fish.

Siblings and friends, exploring the aquarium.

Some Dad and Liam moments, too.

We exited through the gift shop, and ended up with a pink penguin and a camo shark, of course.

After naptime, we decided to do a duck tour.  The kids got a kick out of going on the road and in the water.

And they even got a chance to "drive"!

On the way back from the tour, we let them play a bit in a fountain.  Boston has lots of these around the city and they are great for hot summer days.  I love the way they took in the scene together, before getting in.

Liam thought it was awesome.

And Brenna, despite feeling really sick, got involved too, following Liam around the outside rim of the fountain.  She's a good sport.

July 7:  A friend joined us in Boston late Sunday night, so we got to spend all morning together.  We headed to Boston Commons after breakfast at the hotel.  Liam and Evangeline hit it off, right away.

Brenna, despite still being ill, was happy to find some water to play in.

Always fun to be in a swim suit at a playground!

After a bit of water play, we decided to take a popsicle break.

Brenna and Liam tried the blue raspberry Italian ice.

Instant friends.  Love that about kids.

Especially these two.

They all got a little cold from their treats.

Brenna was having a rough, need a pacifier all day long, kind of day.  She definitely would have rather been in bed resting, but we were on vacation in Boston with friends, so we made the best of it.

Liam loved the carousel.

Then we headed to the swan boats.  The kids loved the boats and the ducks all over the pond.

Riding in the boats, and getting really warm.

It was getting late, but we promised Liam and Evie one last carousel ride before heading back to the hotel.

While we waited for Ali and Evie's car, these two just sat right down together and chilled.  We have to play again soon!  It was so much fun.

After nap time, we decided to head to the west end to check out some Italian restaurants.  A big storm was blowing through, so we ducked into a bakery and Liam worked on a whoopie pie as big as his face (the rest of us saved our treats for after dinner!).

July 8:  It was a really really long trip home.  Liam got sick as we were taking off for our flight home.  Brenna screamed a good portion of the flight.  Two sick kids for 6+ hours in a small metal tube = not fun at all.  But Ravioli sure was happy to see us, and we were all happy to make it to bedtime.  Liam was really sick, so he escaped photos altogether.

July 9:  Brenna was finally starting to feel better.  And pretty proud of her art, which she showed off to Ravioli.

Liam spent the entire day like this.  Barely talking.  Not eating.  Not moving.  Very unlike Liam.

It was a long, hard day.  Thank goodness for bedtime.

July 10:  This crazy girl was back to her normal self, her normal crazy self.

Diaper hat anyone?

This one was not back to his normal self.  Another low energy, no food, spend hours on the couch kind of day.

Thank goodness for bedtime.

July 11:  Our week continued like this.  Poor Liam.  

I was really worried about Liam, since he was still not eating, not moving much, and had a really high fever.  Plus, he said his throat was hurting.  So, I took him to the doctor.  He spent the appointment like this, resting on my lap.  Poor, sick Liam.

Meanwhile, Brenna entertained herself with ring around the blocks.  

July 12:  We decided to try out potty training Brenna.  She's been ready and we were finally settled back home.  Brenna got a new pink potty (and matching one for her doll).  And new underwear and a Potty Princess book, complete with crown and stickers.

We loaded Brenna up with drinks and she practiced sitting on the potty a lot.

Liam "supervised" from the couch.  Still feverish.  Still not eating.  Still not playing.

Despite a lot of accidents, and no pee in the potty, Brenna was in great spirits.

Underwear and a sparkly Batman shirt and pink sunglasses.  What's not to love?