Thursday, July 10, 2014

Celebrating (June 22-28)

It was Brenna's big birthday week.  We started out with an end-of-year party for her preschool class.  Then we celebrated her birthday early with Grandma, presents and cake.  On her actual birthday, we flew to Boston for the start of our vacation.  And we ended the week celebrating with Aunt Jana, Uncle Nick and cousin Nola.

June 22:  For the party, I got a bunch of dress up clothes and accessories.  Brenna got right into it, with sunglasses, necklace, and two tutus under her dress.

Liam accessorized with his eye protection.

My camera died early in the day, but luckily we got good camera pictures, including some shared by others.  Liam really enjoyed playing with Brenna's buddies (Ray and Chloe in particular).

Instead of doing a real birthday party, we decided to just do cake with Brenna's school buddies.  No one objected!

Brenna was really enthusiastic about the purple flower, but didn't eat anything else.

Her favorite part of the whole thing, I think, was the balloons.

June 23:  Brenna was still into the balloons in the morning.  In fact, she slept with them tied to her bed.

She opened up some of her gifts from her buddies in the morning.

With a bit of help from her brother.  

She loved her new baby.

After work, we did our family birthday celebration, with gifts.

She and Liam both liked her Bitty Twins.

Grandma brought a couple things along for Liam, too.

A backpack and flashlight from Grandma.

She was pretty enthusiastic about her backpack and her sparkly dog purse.

She did a great job unwrapping presents.

And trying her new things out.

Liam got in on it, too (in his new batman costume).

And, of course, more candles and cake.

Brenna mostly just had sprinkles.  Liam got more into his cupcake.

And we all got some last minutes in with Grandma, before she left early the next morning.

June 24:  Breakfast with Batman.

Foot tickles and peek-a-boo with Brenna

And just goofing around with Dadda.

June 25:  We had to get ourselves all packed up because we had an early morning flight.  But of course we kept to our usual bedtime routine of books in Brenna's room.

And some of our usual goofing around, too.

June 26:  After a long day of traveling, we found a place along Route 1 for Mexican Food.  The kids' meals came with their choice of frozen treats.  Both kids picked Blue Raspberry ones.  Blue tongues for everyone.

Blue smiles after a long, hard day.

June 27:  We got to spend the morning with Nola!  And Aunt Jana!  We headed to a playground near a beach.  Double score.

Brenna was a sad, teething mess.

While Liam was totally in his element.

We spent the evening with Uncle Rick and Aunt Andrea.  Andrea got the kids some toys and a little pool.  Since we didn't bring suits, it was a naked evening on their deck.  Happy wet kids.

June 28:  Before an evening drive to Trickey Pond, in Maine, we spent the morning at the Farmers Market in Portsmouth.

And playing on a nearby playground.

And more fun times with this little nugget of happiness.