Thursday, July 10, 2014

Monkeys (June 15-21)

Monkey see.  Monkey do.  Lots of mimicing this week.  Liam and Brenna mirroring each other, but also lots of copying Grandma, our carpenters, and lots more.  It was a busy week with Grandma in town and lots of work to do on the backyard, but we managed to have lots of fun, too.

Father's Day 2014.  I managed to get the kids to do a little crafting, while Dad had some time to do some projects around the house.

Happy Dad, Happy Kids.

We did some backyard digging, too, of course.

Come on, Sissy.

A little afternoon milkshake to end the weekend.

And my favorite girl, mugging for the camera.

June 16:  I came home from work to happy kids and a happy dog, playing with our awesome babysitter, Laura, in her car in front of our house.

After Laura took off, we decided to take Baby for a walk in the stroller.

And out for a motorcycle ride.

"On your mark, get set, go!"

June 17:  Buzz Lightyear was in full force when I came home from work.

While Brenna was busy with her cash register.

June 18:  Liam helped our carpenters out in the backyard, moving around the gravel.

While Brenna helped Grandma - who arrived the night before - with cleaning the floors.

Our rocks were delivered.  The kids thought they were great for sliding down.

The also helped move some gravel around, with Dadda.

June 19:  Who doesn't go for a pre-bath naked run in Mommy's shoes?

Liam thought it was hilarious to pour water on Brenna's head.  Luckily, she agreed.

Monkey see.  Monkey do.


June 20:  Busy busy days and nights getting our backyard finished.  So, lots of bath pictures this week.  Brenna wanted to do her own soap.

While Liam wanted to do some "fast" and "slow" with the sponge to get clean.

I was losing my voice, so Dadda had to take over bedtime stories.

June 21:  A little morning time at the playground, post donuts, while Dadda worked on the backyard.  Brenna is getting quite brave about climbing and sliding on the equipment.

Someone didn't want his picture taken.

Chasing with Grandma.

Brenna had a really great time.

Liam did, too.

Liam showed Brenna how to climb up the side of the snake head.

More playing together.

Including fake falling.

And some more chasing.

Swinging with Grandma.

And some distraction on the way home, while Grandma ran home with Liam.