Friday, July 11, 2014

Maine (June 29-July 5)

A week of vacation.  Of cousins.  Of swimming.  Of s'mores and ice cream.  Of boats.  Of family.  Of fun.  Of - did I say - cousins?  Oh, and of tons and tons and tons of pictures (you've been warned)!

June 29:  We woke up to our first morning here.  Trickey Pond.  In a large house full of family (14 total!) on a gorgeous lake in Maine.

Of course, the little kids spent a lot of time outside exploring the grounds and toys.

We managed to get our little family out in a canoe and not tip over!

Afternoon refreshments on the porch.

After dinner by the fire pit.

With roasted marshmallows!

June 30:  We spent all morning taking family photos out by the lake.  The kids were great sports so a little screen time was earned.

It was hot out there.

We decided to head into town for lunch, where we corrupted cousin Nola with (whole) sweet potato fries and ice pops.

Both Liam and Brenna got some more time in with their cousins, Liam making crazy straws with Patrick and Jackson and Brenna playing with Nola on the living room floor.

The bedroom we scored had a little area outside with a futon.  We moved the futon into the bedroom so the kids could sleep near us, which made for a nice "gymnastics room", as Liam called it.  So, bedtime shenanigan space was found!

July 1:  Breakfast with cousins

Brenna swimming in the lake with Dadda and Mommy (she's started calling me this on our trip)

Liam looking for fish off the dock

Liam and I on a canoe with Opa, Jackson and Patrick (and a very sad Brenna who was left behind in the lake)

Sun prints with Aunt Maren

Sitting on the dock with Dadda

And playing with pool noodles.

The girl cousins snacking.

Peek-a-boo with Liam (Liam initiated!)

Playing around with the helmet

Second night of roasted marshmallows, this time in pajamas.

July 2:  We spent most of our days in the water, particularly Rowan and his crew.  A true water baby!

Another canoe trip, but this time Liam got left behind.

Nola got out in the open water with her Momma.

Cousins playing in the matching dresses Oma got them.

In the afternoon, the rain came in.  Strong.  And a very tired and hungry Liam was made because he didn't have a stick for his marshmallow (day 3 of marshmallows).

Social tubby time, with the two smallest cousins.

Playing tag, with Patrick and Jackson.  The big boys were so tired, but they were totally game to play along with Liam's games and instructions.  Both Brenna and Liam had such a great time with them.

Oma made a colorful, sparkly cake to celebrate Brenna's birthday.

And we got to do another round of singing and blowing out candles.

Aunt Maren really enjoyed the candles.

The cake was just as colorful on the inside.

Dancing in the rain on the deck.

And, Brenna couldn't resist playing with the rain water.

July 3:  The rain let up a bit in the morning, so Oma and Liam took a walk out to the dock.

After a drive into the next town to look for sand toys and other goodies, our little family headed to a sand beach at the nearby state park.

There were lots of school groups there, but plenty of space to play.

And baby ducks!

July 4:  The rain came back in full force.  So, we found a nearby candlepin bowling alley to introduce the kids to bowling.

With just a little bit of instruction, Liam got really into it.

He's a natural, with quite a bit of style!

And a little celebratory dance, even.

Brenna, on the other hand, was feeling sick.  She was game to wear the shoes, but not for the actual bowling.  And she was super sad, so the binky came out with us.

We did manage to get her to eat a little bit of jello while she watched Peppa Pig with Liam after nap time.  But her spirits never really picked up.

July 5:  We packed up and left the lake house, then drove to Boston.  We got to our hotel and got the kids down for naps, while Brian returned our rental car.  Brenna was feeling even worse.  Miserable.  Not eating.  So, after nap time, we walked to find some more medicine and decided to introduce the kids to an Icee.  Bot were fans.

Liam really wanted to find a stuffed Lobster, just like his cousin Nola got in Maine.  Luckily, in Boston, stuffed lobsters are everywhere.  So, Liam got his Lobbie.  And he was happy.