Friday, August 8, 2014

Together (8.July 27 - August 2)

This week, you'll see more pictures than ever of both Brenna and Liam.  Playing.  Sharing.  Sitting next to one another.  Laughing.  Comforting one another.  Brenna's first year, I worried a lot about how these two would coexist.  Brenna loved Liam from the start, but he took a lot longer (11 months) to tolerate her.  But here we are, 25 months into the sibling thing.  Brenna still loves Liam, and the feeling is pretty mutual.  Liam has become a big brother, a friend, a teacher, and a source of comfort for his little sister.  Melt.

July 27:  Liam asked if we could please go to "Delorist Park" (aka Dolores Park).  I love that Liamism.  We brought a million sand toys, scooters, and the skateboard and pads. 

Brenna got to swing on the big girl swing!  She was so happy.

We met up with our friends, so Liam could play with his buddy Lucas.

But it was hot, so hot.  The kids were nearly melting.  Liam actually asked to go home it was so hot!  

July 28:  We've been reading The Little Gingerbread Boy story a bit lately.  And Liam has been asking to make gingerbread men.  In the book we have been reading, the gingerbread boy has currents for his mouth, raisins for his eyes, and cinnamon drops for his nose.  Liam insisted that we had to do the same.  So, why not on a Monday night in late July?  

Pretending to sleep.

And then tickle attack!

July 29:  Dry cereal on the couch with their best buddies - each other.

You want to know how close these two have become?  Liam let Brenna play with his new Batman legos, with him.

Of course, she wasn't allowed to actually have Batman.  But she was allowed to share.

He even handed her pieces!

July 29:  Liam wanted to head out on his scooter to go to the burrito place for dinner.

There was a lot of, "Brenna, come on!" from Liam to encourage her to keep trying.  

She's still slow, but she's upright.

Luckily, she has a big brother to show her the way and wait for her. 

And to take breaks with to dance on the grates on the sidewalk, of course.

July 13:  This girl is goofy.  And full of giggles.

Liam didn't feel like taking a bath.  He wanted to "read" instead.  He still loves loves loves books.  Always has. 

You may not know that until very recently, brushing Liam's teeth involved a lot of cajoling and screaming.  Luckily, that has changed over the past month or so.  An electric Batman toothbrush helped.  Both kids now actually brush their own teeth, with an electric toothbrush.  And they do a great job! 

And every night now, Liam says, "It's so nice to have clean teeth!"

August 1:  It was time.  Beyond time.  Haircut time.

So a visit to "Friend Shelly" (Brian's hair person) was in order.

Awesome results.  More dinosaur hair!  Liam loves getting his hair cut and he is really great about sitting still and letting her do what she needs to do. 

Brenna was hoping for a haircut, too.  But, we're going to wait a while longer.

Of course, they had to wear their capes to and from the appointment.

We decided to have dessert (homemade coconut milk fruit popsicles) on the couch in our pajamas, to celebrate the beginning of the weekend.  Friday night is pizza and movie night at our house.  Best night of the week.

August 2:  Back to "Delorist Park", but this time the weather was a bit different than at the beginning of the week!  Brenna now loves the big kid swings and immediately says, "Higher!" (unlike her big brother who shouts, "Not too high!").

He really liked this game, though, where Brian grabbed his feet, pulled him up, and let him go.

Brenna and Liam picked out their clothes this morning, separately.  And here is what they came up with.  I accidentally bought 2 of the same shirt for Liam.  Luckily, Brenna is the same size.  And wants to do whatever Liam does.  So, two Batman shirts it is.

We just love these two.  And we love that now there are times when they would rather be with each other than anyone else in the world.