Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Helping (August 10-16)

Sometimes we get a lot of help.  Help with cooking.  Help with chores.  Help with school projects.  And now we've got allowances and piggy banks, too.  Lots of independence and responsibility and learning going on.  And, of course, plenty of giggles, too.

August 10:  We made pizza dough!  Well, mostly Brenna and Liam played with flour.

Blowing flour, really.

We've been talking about doing banks and allowances for a while.  Today, we decided to put it in action.  The banks have three slots:  to save, spend and share.  We talked about sharing our money at Christmas, when some kids don't have money for toys.

August 11:  Our babysitter was over today and the kids - as always - had a blast.  Here they were riding mop and broom "horses".

August 11:  Devoted nap snuggler.  A boy and his dog.

August 12:  Last $1 movie of the summer.  And, of course, Brenna and Liam went in capes.

Later, they shared Liam's Batman costume.

And then, a package arrived.  With the Halloween costume Liam picked out and has been asking about for ages.  He couldn't wait to try it on and pose for pictures.

Brenna wanted in on costumes, too - a mask and cape.

I somehow completely missed August 13.  Busy week and distracted by a million projects.

August 14:  We have ants in our house.  They are coming in the front door, down our long hall, around a corner, and into the pantry and up into our garbage.  Sneaky ants.  Brenna and Liam love them.  They like to watch them crawl up and down the hall and on their hands and arms.

New clothes, new size.  Her long torso means she's now in a 4T.  Liam is also in a 4T, although he has plenty of tshirts and shorts in a 3T that still fit because he's pretty slim and limby.

Playing ball in the hallway with Dadda.

We've got to put together a collage for Brenna's first day of school.  So, we made extra collages for Brenna and Liam's room, too.

August 15:  Tablet games on the couch in boots, of course.

I took the day off work, because it was the last weekday before school starts.  We headed to Children's Fairyland, a toddler amusement park in Oakland.

Fun on the trolley ride.

This slide was supposed to be for kids 4+, but both Brenna and Liam loved it.

Little pig, little pig, let me in!

Carousels built just for the preschool set.

Steering the boat with the King of the World!

Liam is getting really brave at climbing.

And, of course, we had to exit through the gift shop.  Brenna got Ladybug Girl wings and Liam was desperate for this knight getup.

Ladybug Girl!

August 16:  Bubbles on the deck.

Diggers and dump trucks.

"Helping" Dadda role out his back.

"Helping" to make the pizza, which actually means eating lots of sliced olives that were meant to go on the pizza.

Hallway chasing.

Brenna and Liam were just having such a fun time together, making up games, while we cooked dinner.  I looked over and saw that they had invented a "falling hugging" game, where they hug and then flop over onto the couch together.  Giggling and hugging and laughing.