Sunday, September 7, 2014

Beginnings (August 17-23)

This week was the beginning of preschool!  After two years of work to get there, we managed to have both kids going to an awesome preschool that we love.  We all had to get used to the new routine.  The week was busy and we didn't get a lot of extra things done, but we are all excited about the year ahead.

August 17:  Liam requested another trip the Dolores Park.  We we packed up a picnic, hooked the trailer to Brian's bike, and biked over there.

Brenna was pretty excited to go on the big girl swing.  And Liam actually had a lot of fun going high on the swing.

We took a break for our picnic.

And after a good meal, we let them pick out ice cream from the ice cream cart.

About that time, the weather started to clear up, the sun came out, and it turned into a pretty great day.

August 18:  Love these goofballs.

First day of preschool:
Liam started at La Scuola in Grandissimi East (his second year of preschool, first at La Scuola) and Brenna started her first year of real big kid preschool as a Piccolissimi.  They are both going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 to 1:30.  Liam loves it and the transition was smooth.  Brenna, is having a harder time.

Brenna had a great time while Brian was still there with her, but she was pretty sad when he left.  But happy when he picked both kids up.  So, I think that is success.

August 19:  Post-dinner popsicles and a bit of tablet viewing.

Can you tell they eat a bit differently?

August 20:  Super Liam and Super Brenna were talking and playing with our ant friends.  We have an invasion and the kids love the ants.

And a little undies baseball, of course.

Because sometimes you just need to play around nearly naked.

Hide and seek in Momma and Dadda's bed.

August 21:  Just a little pre-dinner dress up.  Your usual Christmas vet and Obi Wan Kenobi, of course.

And then I had a little help from my kitchen helpers.  I got them their own spoons and whisks.  And Liam can now operate the hand mixer on his own.

August 22:  Brenna is still working on the transition to school.  She loves going and is happy when we pick her up, but she doesn't like the part when Dadda goes.  Luckily, she's not the only one.

Post dinner popsicles, of course.  Liam and Brenna are relatively obsessed with popsicles right now.  Luckily, it incentivizes them to eat well at dinner.

And then we engaged in our new Friday night ritual - allowances!  They love getting coins for helping with chores.  We've got 3 spots in our banks - to share, save and spend.

August 23:  This boy still loves to read.  I got him a couple new books that he can look through on his own on those days when his "nap" is really just a 2.5 hour rest in his room.  He's good at entertaining himself, but thought it was about time he got some quiet books and toys for those days, too.

We headed out to the farmer's market.  And got the most amazing berries.

Look at the size of that blackberry!  And delicious raspberries.

And then we got some pizza.  Double olives for these kooks.

In the afternoon, I headed to a wedding in Napa, and the kids were on their own with Brian.  They insisted they wanted to pick up burritos at our local spot.  While waiting of their order, they - of course - saw a small dog in a hooded sweatshirt.  Typical Saturday night in the Mission!