Saturday, September 13, 2014

Acrobatics (August 24 - 30)

We started out in the sunshine, celebrating our neighborhood with Sunday Streets.  We had a fairly tame week with the usual bike rides, couch tumbling, and bedtime shenanigans.  And we ended the week with the start of our Potty Party!

August 24:  Brenna v. Popscile - Brenna is the clear winner, right?

After a breakfast of homemade popsicles, we headed out to Sunday Streets in our neighborhood, where they shut down the street to car traffic and people come out to ride bikes, walk, and do all sorts of things.

Like gymnastics!

And tumbling!

Then we headed to the playground.

But then it was time for lunch, so we had burgers and watched all the folks out on a warm, beautiful day.

On the way back to our bikes and heading home, we found the hula hoop station.  Both kids really wanted to give it a try.

Liam actually got pretty good at it!

August 25:  The best part of packages is the packaging.  Liam was being a ghost.

Liam requested that we make sugar cookies.  I think he just wanted an excuse to eat frosting.

Then, of course, it was time for couch gymnastics.

Liam does a mean somersault.

August 26:  Cardboard box robots!

This never happened when Liam was a toddler.  Having a girl is definitely different.  Luckily, Ravioli is patient.

August 27:  We've started using a timer more, to help set expectations about when we are moving on to something else.  Both kids love to turn off the timer, so it seems to be working.

Pillow fight!

See that look?  That's the look of a little girl who knows she is doing she's not supposed to (like running away from me)!

August 28:  We took a post-dinner bike ride to get dessert.  Spiderman and Batman popsicles for the win!

Fun in the tub with googles.  Dinosaur googles.

And cat goggles!

August 29:  Playing trucks.

And playing nicely together.

August 30:  We started off Potty Party weekend with a singing of Journey's Don't Stop Believin', of course.

And some singing with an underwear hat.  Crazy girl.

Potty Party Weekend was our three day attempt at potty training Brenna, take 2.  We all made hats and had lots to drink.

Day 1 went ok, with one success and lots of misses.  And at the end of the day, Brenna got her Potty Party Day 1 prize - a bed for her dolls.  She loved it and felt positive about the experience.

Our potty party helper got a prize, too.  Liam was really enthusiastic about helping Brenna because he remembered getting presents for his Potty Party Weekend.  He potty trained in about half a day, but so far Brenna is proving to be a more difficult customer.

And we all pretty much felt like this by the end of the day.