Saturday, September 13, 2014

Potty (August 31 - September 6)

We spent our Labor Day weekend attempting to potty train Brenna, again.  By mid-morning on Monday, we realized it just wasn't going to happen.  But we had a lot of fun along the way.  And a good week overall!

August 31:  Day 2 of our Potty Party (otherwise known as potty training Brenna, take 2) started out with fort building in our bed.  

Good teamwork.

The fort included stuffed animals and shoes, of course.

Ravioli was pretty unsure about the whole thing.

But she was very supportive of our potty efforts.  Brenna put in some good time on that pink potty.  But she didn't have much success.

September 1:  Mid morning, things were not going well.  So, we decided to go back to diapers.  Brenna was pretty happy.  And we decided to go ahead and give her the potty training prize, mostly because we really want Brenna to get interested in biking with Liam.

Since most of our weekend as a frustrating potty training failure, we decided to go out for ice cream to try and make some fun out of it.  Rainbow sprinkles for the win!

September 2:  Out for an evening stroll on balance bikes.

And to the diner for dinner.  Brenna and Liam made friends with a 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl that came in for dinner with their families.

Crossing the street on the way home.

September 3:  Think she likes her new bike?

Liam still prefers the balance bike he got at 20 months old, despite having 2 bigger bikes.  We might have to "lose" this bike to get him off it.  We gave up long ago on the idea that he'd giving it to Brenna.

I searched for this chair long and hard.  And waited weeks for it to arrive.  And it was totally worth it.  Our backyard sanctuary is nearly complete!

September 4:  When I was at work, Liam requested to work on his letters.  He's getting pretty good at it, too!  Brenna wanted to give it a try as well.

Our little readers.  Still loving books.  They would stay up all night reading books with me if I let them.

Fun with tooth brushing, or toe brushing.

And more fun!

September 5:  Our little ladybug girl, playing trains.

And bedtime fun.  Fridays are "snuggle night" at our house.  Liam loves snuggle night and is always happy for Friday night (and constantly asking if it is snuggle night every other night of the week).  On snuggle night, Brian and Liam sleep together and Brenna and I sleep together.

September 6:  We did a couple errands in the morning (market and hardware store) and then headed to playground.  Brenna is getting pretty good and bold with climbing.

She's also playing independently more, even going down the big twisty slide without us chaperoning her.

We grabbed lunch nearby and then came back to play some more.

Jumping on the wiggley bridge.

And another exciting Saturday night on the couch with my loves.  Brenna has been having a bit of trouble with the school transition these past few weeks.  She's super clingy, more irritable, and not sleeping as well.  So I have been trying to give her a little extra love and support as she works through it.