Saturday, November 8, 2014

Traditions (September 28 - October 4)

It was a hot week in San Francisco.  We spent a lot of time outside, including a day with friends to celebrate out anniversary at a beach near where we got married.  And dinner out as a family.  Perhaps our new tradition ...

September 28:  Someone snuck out of the house with a baabaa (pacifier).  We try not to let that happen (they are only supposed to stay in her bed).

He can be so sweet.  Just not all the time.  And donuts definitely help.

We needed to replace some plants on one big pot.  Thank goodness for plant shop helpers.

And gardening helpers.  And Brenna is thankful for that darn baabaa.  It was one of those days.

September 29:  A Rokenbok robot, complete with swinging arms.

Brenna has been really into making Ravioli's dinner, putting in her spot, and commanding her to stay and eat.

Dancing.  To Fantasia.  Still a hit in our house.

September 30:  A busy day.  A busy night.  But managed to remember to at least take pictures at bedtime!  Liam calls these his Ninja Turtle pajamas, because he's suddenly into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (thanks classmates!) and they have turtles on them.

October 1:  Our little gardner, watering the plants.

Well, mostly watering herself.

Hard at work at his backyard construction site.

Our fierce foreman (er, foredog).

And the cleanup crew, washing the trucks.

Sure, every toy has been pulled out of its home, but they are playing together nicely.  Mission accomplished.

October 2:  Picking out stories at bedtime.  Our usual is 2 books each.

Brenna has found some of our Australian books, like Fuzzy Wuzzy Wombat.

Liam found a bedtime friend - a little ant.

October 3:  Sometimes he falls asleep with a book on his face.  Who doesn't?

Riding bikes in front of the house waiting for friends to come over.

Liam and Lucas racing.

Not sure what was so funny, but I love preschooler laughs.

Buddies for life.

And, of course, some post dinner racing in the hallway.  A really sweet end to the week.

October 4:  Our anniversary, so we headed to the beach near where we got married.

It was a really hot day, so we were happy to dip our toes in the cold, cold Pacific.

Ravioli was happy to come along to the beach, too.

Collecting feathers.

Our little beach bum.

We met up with friends at the beach, and Liam was thrilled to share his trucks with Rex.

Beach success.

Our babysitter had to cancel, but we enjoyed a family dinner out at a sushi place with our little loves.  A lot has happened in the past 6 years.  Maybe dinner out together for our anniversary is a nice, new tradition?