Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween (October 26 - November 1)

It was a great week, after a long, hard October.  There was birthday party fun, carving pumpkins, and lots of Halloween.  And we needed it.

October 26:  We started out the week with the birthday party for Brenna's best buddy, Adella.  Brenna and her preschool friends even took over the mic (although Brenna was a bit of a hesitant backup singer).

Playing in the backyard.

And mini cupcakes!

The kids didn't eat much at the party, so we stopped for a little frozen yogurt before heading home.  With naps at 2:00 these days, our morning outings are less rushed which we really like.

An evening of games on the couch.  Fun Sunday night!

October 27:  A freshly groomed Ravioli, with a festive bat bandana.

Dancing and playing on the rug in the master bedroom before bedtime.  It is becoming an evening tradition, as we wait for the bathtub to fill.

October 28:  Lunch out with Dadda at the diner.

And a pre-bedtime bath.

October 29:  Carving our pumpkins before dinner.  The kids are really interested in picking designs and starting to cut open the top.  But they get bored quickly and I end up carving their pumpkins for them.  

At least they were happy with the results.

And so was I!

October 30:  Post breakfast Legos, in pajamas.

And a little Halloween warmup in some last minute costumes (their third ones).

October 31:  I volunteered in Liam's class (and Dadda did in Brenna's class).  This is Liam and his best buddy Georgi.

They were awfully cute.

We did a little trick or treat warmup run at our house before we headed out 

Batman and Wubba Woma (as Brenna calls her).

And our whole super hero family, 

Batman and Robin plus our little Wonder Woman.

Brenna was pretty adventerous at the costume contest.

It rained all day, but we lucked out and got a dry treat or treating evening.

One of the houses we stopped at, which Brenna decided was "too scary".

The minute we got home, Liam wanted to spread out his stash and trade with his sister.  This must be an inherent skill.

November 1:  Brenna still wanted to be Wubba Woman, even at the farmers market.

While Liam made friends with an ant.