Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall (October 19-25)

It is finally starting to feel like fall, with the heat and illness behind us.  We had a lot more fun.  And we even ventured out to get pumpkins in anticipation of Halloween, one of our favorite holidays.

October 19:  Hiding on the couch under the new blankets.

Brenna and Liam each had their own playdates.  After, we all met up at the playground where Brenna's playdate was held for a picnic and family fun.

Sunshine and smiles.

Thank goodness for antibiotics, because we were starting to feel a bit better - finally.

October 20:  It was a good mail day - with a new shirt for Brenna.

And  new truck for Liam, to replace the bobcat that someone broke at the plaground.

October 21:  Brenna got two new outfits in the mail today, and decided to combine them.

A little hallway baseball, to celebrate the SF Giants in the playoffs.

Go Giants!

October 22:  A new game concocted by Liam, which involves jumping over a Swifter.

Bubbles outside in the backyard, in rain boots, of course.

October 23:  Out for a walk with Dadda in the morning.

Building a pillow fort.

And jumping around in grocery bags, of course.

October 24:  After work, we headed to a pumpkin patch.

With turkeys.

A hayride.

A hay maze.

And lots of pumpkins, of course

We ended up with one huge pumpkin, 4 large ones, and 2 baby ones.

October 25:  Early morning Legos with Dadda.

Out for a stroll on Brenna's balance bike.

And bedtime tomfoolery.  

Under the watchful eye of our safety supervisor.