Saturday, November 8, 2014

Social (November 2-8)

Now that we are all feeling better and that fall is well underway, we are in a really social time of our lives.  Both kids have lots of buddies, which means parties and playdates and activities.

November 2:  We had a playdate at the zoo.  We hadn't been there since Zoo lights last Christmas.

Liam and his buddy Michael had an awesome time.

And Brenna had a lot of fun with Michael's big sister.

We made friends with some animals, too.  Last year, Liam didn't like feeding the animals or even going in to the petting zoo after an incident with an aggressive sheep, but time seems to have faded that memory.

Brenna is really into ducks these days, too.

And Liam and Michael found out that if you touch a goat's tail, it wiggles.  Endless giggles.

That night, we got a visit from Friend Sue.  We headed out to the Dia de Muertos parade in our neighborhood and Brenna really warmed up to Sue.  Preschool is definitely making Brenna more social and independent, as we had hoped it would.

November 3:  Brenna loves to sing and dance.  She particularly likes this gummy bear song, which is pretty annoying on repeat (or even hearing it once).


And tickles.

Although we are all feeling a little better, Brenna's sleep is not improved yet.  So, lots of nights of Brenna and Momma in Brenna's bed.

November 4:  Liam was way overdue for a visit to Friend Shelly for a haircut. 

Brenna has been wanting a turn the last few times and she actually got her first little trim.

Cleaned up hair.

And miso soup, edamame and rice for soup after.

That evening, Liam and I went out to vote.

And did a little trespassing on some trucks on the way home.

November 5:  Hide and seek in the bathroom.

I love their smiles, and an evening of giggles instead of screams (we've had more screams lately).

November 6: Liam was explaining to Brenna why he's so fast on his scooter (and she is not).

Bedtime book wagon.

November 7:  We got a huge box, with some furniture in it.  Perfect to playing in.

Boxes are such an incredible (and free) form of entertainment!

November 8:  We had family pictures this morning on the Embarcadero.

After, we headed to the Exploratorium.

Luckily, it is dog friendly.  We, of course, had Ravioli there for family pictures.  And she was thrilled to get to go in the museum.

This place is full of so many things that are so interesting to people of all ages.

The sand is always a hit with our crew.

We took a break to eat lunch outside in the sunshine.

Before heading home, we of course had to stop at the magnets, another favorite.