Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pajamas (October 5-11)

Sick, stuck in pajamas

October 5

October 5:  Another hot fall day.  We volunteered to do some gardening at the kids' preschool.

We had some help with the watering.

And even the kids got watered!

October 6:  Brenna played in the shower.

Liam, who was not feeling so great, decided to skip his bath.

Ready for stories in Brenna's bed.

October 7:  A sick day, spent in pajamas.  Both kids were now sick.

Homemade popsicles, with lots of vitamin C, to get rid of their colds.

And couch time, watching some TV.

It was Brenna's night to be sick and sad at bath time.  She sat this night out, while Liam played in the tub.

October 8:  Another sad bedtime.  Another day of sick kids.  And the parents were getting sick now, too.

Brushing teeth.  And the arms of chairs, of course.

Some days our only goal is to make it to bedtime.

October 9:  Another day spent in pajamas.  And leaning on her baabaa (pacifier).

At least we had smiles at bedtime.

And games.

And giggles.

October 10:  Who doesn't eat pizza in a box?

Two kids in the tub is progress, even if they were not super excited about it!

October 11:  We're all still sick, but we got out of the house and went to the playground.

Slides and playgrounds and sunshine helped our moods.

Scooping sand is also good for the soul.