Saturday, November 8, 2014

Restaurants (September 21-27)

It was a busy week.  And we found ourselves eating out for dinner a couple nights, because I didn't have time to plan and cook dinner.  Thank goodness for kids that are great at restaurants, even when tired and hungry.  And thank goodness for kids with unusual food tastes - like their love of chicken tikka masala, miso soup, and madeleines.

September 21:  Out riding bikes with our neighbor, Noah.  Brenna loves "riding" the skateboard.

We decided to get a little crazy and eat a late (for preschoolers) dinner out at an Indian spot in our neighborhood.  The kids did great, even hungry and out late.

Lots of rice and chicken tikka masala.  

September 22:  Isn't she cute?  And getting So Big!

Brenna loves books about as much as Liam does.  

This alphabet book is one of many favorites.

Liam loves poems, particular a book of nursery rhymes that belonged to Brian when he was a child.

This chickadee book from Oma is also a real favorite of both kids.

September 23:  Package him up.

And send him to Timbuktoo.  Crazy kid.

Bubble beard!  Bubble baths are a favorite right now.

Shirtless bed jumping.

And double giggles.

September 24:  Out for a scooter ride.  Brenna is getting the hang of hers.

Miso soup is another favorite food.

Liam is getting pretty good at picking up rice with chopsticks, too.  Thank goodness for kids that do great at restaurants.

September 25:  Fun with water on the deck and footprints.

A knight and his footprints.  For some reason, Liam calls this is "armade armor".  Not sure what that means or where it came from.

September 26:  Eating a minu Magnum ice cream bar in a shirt with an ice cream eating snake, of course.

We're working on convincing Brenna to walk and climb stairs instead of wanting to be carried everywhere.  Slowly but surely.  At 38+ pounds it is way overdue.

Liam likes to collect tickets at the top of the stairs.  The gate has since come down.  It was overdue.

September 27:  At the playground, on a playdate with Liam's friend Ray.


Spiderman climbing and sliding with Ray.

Three kids playing happily together, without need for hovering parents!

She's independent.  And bossy.

A halloween preview.

Making chocolate "Boston" cookies, or madeleines. 

And, of course, licking the bowl.