Sunday, May 3, 2015

Work (April 19-25)

This week we played with friends, dressed up, made a cake, went to work, and had a lot of fun.

April 19:  Our little Elsa got a new dress and crown for a very important day.

I took Liam and Brenna to a Frozen sing along.  We met up with 3 other Elsas (Brenna's school friends).

Of course, Brenna was Elsa, But Liam decided that he wanted to be the Duke of Weselton.  So, I took the braid off an Elsa wig for Brenna and used the rest to build a costume for Liam.  He was totally in character.  The crowd was 85% Elsa, 14% Anna, one Olaf and Liam.

More evening bubbles.  Another warm evening.

And siblings playing together.  Not a bad Sunday.

April 20:  Bedtime dance party turned gymnastics

With a sneak kiss attack by Ravioli.  She always loves to kiss the kids when they are giggling.

Love these crazy kids.

Brenna and her new shades.  She lost them within a day.  Which is why we can never have enough sunglasses.

Making faces at herself in the mirror.

Making a pillow spaceship with Dadda.

April 22:  Dadda's birthday so we made him a chocolate (Liam's choice) Elsa cake (Brenna's choice).  We went for that homemade look.

We took Dadda out for sushi.

Brenna really liked the card she gave Dadda.

After dinner, we sang happy birthday and had cake.

And then we tortured Dadda at bedtime (Ravioli too!).

April 23:  Morning puzzles.  They worked together on it, without screaming.  Sharing for the win!

And then they also got some table time in, too.

Liam has reached an age where he is very physical.  He is learning his body and his strength.  He wants to wrestle and play fight.

Brenna is into fashion.  Here she was sneaking into my closet.  She's always putting together the craziest outfits.  And changing into a couple of costumes.

She was singing let it go on the deck.  Ravioli wasn't so sure about it.

Liam decided to photo bomb the singing session.

April 24:  Take Your Kids To Work Day, YouTube style.

There was a YouTube kids area.  Brenna loves asking for "YouTube Kids!".

They ran around in the trees, even climbed some.

There were crafts and legos.  

And pizza and ice cream and grilled cheese and all kinds of yummy things.  Basically TYKTWD at YouTube is ruining my children from ever having a real job.

Then, Liam had a friend come over at naptime.  They actually did ok.  And after, they played and played.

And played in costumes.  We had dinner with our friend and his dad, watched a movie and then called it a night.  It was a full day!

April 25:  Cinderella Wonder Woman doesn't have time for photos.

Friend Sue came over for dinner.  She is such a good sport and got right down on the ground and played Rokenbok with Liam.

More pillow space ships.

And hiding in the covers.  A nice end to a long week.