Sunday, May 3, 2015

Broken (April 12-18)

I found out a little too late that I was working with a broken lens all week.  So, not a lot of pictures in this post.

April 12:  The kids have started preferring to take a shower, instead of a bath.  This is perfect for San Francisco since we're in the middle of a terrible drought and a shower take less water.

April 13:  I put a dry erase calendar up in the hallway between our bedrooms.  We can talk about what day it is, what we are doing, and what is coming up.  The kids really love marking off the days and counting down to the weekends (I do too!).

April 14:  Princess dresses, painting and snuggles with Ravioli.

And tickle time with Dadda.

April 15:  Both kids still really love books.  I hope this never changes.

April 16:  Hair cut day with Friend Shelly!  Dadda got a hair cut too.

Evening bubbles in the backyard.

And messing around with Ravioli at bedtime out on the deck on a nice, warm evening.

April 17:  I took Ravioli to work with me.  She figured out how to get more treats out of the receptionists.

April 18:  We headed down to the Ferry  Building for the goat festival (Goatchella).  We ran into Brenna's buddy Lucia and her family.

We got to pet and hold the cutest baby goats.

Then we checked out the farmers market.

We headed inside to enjoy some of our treats (strawberries and donuts).