Sunday, May 3, 2015

Suprises (March 29-April 4)

We had a week of parties and surprises and animals and costumes and travels.  A pretty typical week on our house these days.

March 29:  We had a birthday party to go to, but lately Brenna prefers to travel by scooter instead of car.  So, she took a spin on her scooter before we headed out.

The little sisters at the 5 year old birthday party had the best time together!  Their friendship is really budding and sweet to watch.

Liam had a bit of a rough go being one of the only kids not in the preschool class of the birthday boy.  But he held his own and we were really proud of him.

He got to eat lunch with his buddy, the birthday boy.  And he willingly ate cheese pizza (he usually will only eat pizza with black olives on top).

Brenna did pretty well too in a group of big boys.  But she still clings a bit when overwhelmed.

There was a little gopher that decided to join the party.  The kids were really excited to see a little wildlife in a San Francisco park.

This girl's personality is so big.  It is sometimes hard to capture in photos, but these two get a bit of it.

March 30:  Liam has hit the stage of being 4 that includes lots of physical play.  He likes to jump, pillow fight, wrestle, run, and be a ninja.  

Bedtime Elsa - in her Elsa dress, with a tiara, and an Elsa wand.  And her beloved "baabaa" (pacifier) that she uses when she sleeps (and gets in her bed to use for comfort) and her soft purple blanket.

Brenna is a good Momma and princess.  She tucked her lego friend in under some covers on top of her soft velvet hat.  With her pink sparkly ring.  And the purple key for Children's Fairyland that she got from someone at preschool (we have no idea who).

March 31:  Dadda took Brenna and Liam to the library.  Of course there were lots of great books.

But also other fun toys, like an hourglass, puzzles, and globes.

The library also happens to be really close to a great sushi place.

The kids love miso soup "with no stuff in it!", rice and edamame.

Liam let Brenna into his pillow spaceship.  He uses all the pillows he can find.

And she made sure to bring her pink sparkly purse.

April 1:  Oh my gender typical kids.  Brenna in pink tulle skirt and fairy princess hat.  Liam digging with his trucks and tools.

I decided to introduce the kids to the idea of April Fools Day.  But at 2 and 4, there is not a lot of practical joking that works - except whoopee cushions.  They were a huge hit.

April 2:  Just a day at home digging through the costume bin.  Or, a normal day at home.

April 4:  I  missed April 3, because we were busy packing up and getting read to head out on vacation.  We traveled to Sayulita, Mexico on April 4.  The first night, we headed out to find dinner and ended up at a pretty great pizza place (yes, in Mexico).

The kids were virtually melting in the heat.  And sitting by a wood fire pizza oven didn't help.  But with some new travel toys, we made it through the wait for our pizza at the end of a very long day.