Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sayulita (April 5-11)

We had a beautiful, wonderful week in the warm sunny beachside town of Sayulita.

April 5: The Easter Bunny found our rental house in Sayulita.

Liam and Brenna got some Kinder Surprise eggs and some other small toys.

And then they put their Easter baskets on their heads.

Our house had a pool on either side.  And the kids wanted to get in it first thing in the morning.

Then we checked out the beach.  But Brenna was not a fan.  She finally decided to play a little in the sand instead of just hiding in out sun tent.

Liam had a great time in the water, with Brian.  He got pretty far into the calm waves.  But we couldn't get him out swimming in the ocean, although we tried all week.

We had lunch on our little patio.  Brenna decided to wear her underwear hat.

Then we tried out our hammock.

We had more pizza for dinner.  But at a different restaurant, in the center of town.  And after dinner, Liam got a popsicle from the ice cream place next door.  Brenna could not find a kind she liked, so she had some leftover pizza instead.

The kids were not happy campers when they had to trudge through town looking for a dinner spot, but after some food and dessert, their spirits were back up.

It was a long, busy day.  So we agreed to break out the tablets a bit before bedtime.

April 6:  On vacation, after breakfast, you can go back to bed.  Vacations are the best.

We dragged the kids back down to the beach.  Liam was more willing.

Brenna unhappily played in the sand.  Maybe it was the heat?  She was also a little under the weather.  But it was hard to understand why she suddenly hated the beach.

Liam was happy to be back splashing in the waves.

Really happy.

And then there was Brenna.  She wouldn't even put on a bathing suit.

She did get a little interested in digging a giant hole in the sand.

He was all about the sand and the water.

Not this sad puss.

Definitely a little under the weather.  She was still quite asleep at the end of her nap time.

April 7:  Back at the beach with Brenna.

And Liam.

Brenna managed to have a bit of fun playing in the sand with Liam.

April 8:  Dadda was feeling under the weather, so I took Liam and Brenna out for a long beach walk.

To some rocks at the end of the beach by our house.

We walked a long way (well, Brenna got carried for about 25% of it).

It was a great view and a great spot for a snack.

Brenna helped me get some takeout.  Dadda didn't feel well enough to get out of the house and the kids were more than happy to stay at the house.  They preferred being in our rental house above almost everything else.

April 9:  We went out in the morning to meet some locals.  

We inquired about a golf cart to get around town and had a snack at a nearby cafe.

At the cafe, they were nursing a baby parrot back to health.

And there were some local musicians entertaining the crowd.

It was a little loud, but the kids loved it.

Another long nap.  Out cold and time to get going.

Post nap ice cream makes for happier dinner hunters.

We picked up our golf cart.  The kids were much happier not having to walk everywhere in the mid-80 degree weather (San Francisco has made them very soft when it comes to weather).

Near the golf cart place was a hot dog stand.  I wasn't feeling well (not at all hungry and exhausted), so hot dogs were dinner.  They three of them consumed 6 hot dogs total, with the kids eating 5 of the 6.  They must have been good!

April 10:  Another beach day.

Liam didn't want to get in the water and he insisted on dressing in pants and a sweatshirt despite the warm weather.

They both had fun in the sand, though.

Despite it being spring break, the beach was pretty empty most days.  It was nice and quiet.

In the late morning, we went towards downtown to meet up with our horses for a horse back ride.  Brenna had been asking to ride a horse all week.  Liam was not sure he wanted his own horse, but when we got there he did not hesitate.

First, we rode through town.  

Brenna rode with me.  So she sat in the saddle and I sat on the back of the saddle.  Not super comfortable.

Then we went on the beach near our house.  Liam did great on his horse, with the guide holding on to the lead.

Our leader took the camera from me early in the ride and he took tons of great shots during the ride.

Next, we rode through the jungle.  The kids kept expecting to see monkeys.  But they still enjoyed it.

Then we ended up on a second beach.

Our guide offered to take Brenna on his horse, since it was getting uncomfortable for her.  She didn't smile, but she was calm on his horse and rode the whole way back with him.

They both did so well on their horses and had a great time.  We all want to ride again.

And our guide was really great.

After naps, we found a little lizard in our house.

And when we went out for dinner, we found this little bunny out for a walk.  Sayulita is full of wildlife!

April 11:  After a last swim and time in the sand, we checked out of our rental house and headed downtown to spend a few hours in Sayulita before going to the airport.  This corner was covered in bottle caps.

We got the kids each a little something to take home.  Brenna got a wool stuffed unicorn and Liam couldn't find anything he wanted.  He finally found a water gun.  So, he got a water gun.  After doing a little window shopping, we had more time to kill.  So, we found a little playground.

It was a nice place to blow off a little steam before our long trip home (no thanks to United).