Thursday, November 28, 2013

Three (November 17-23)

This was a big week, because Liam turned Three!  Liam celebrated his birthday on Monday and celebrated again on Tuesday at school.  Grandma was also in town, so Brenna and Liam got lots of time playing with her.  We ended the week with another celebration, this time of the new playground at the zoo.

November 17:  Saturday night, some friends brought Liam a Lego set for his birthday.  Both Brenna and Liam were immediately drawn to it Sunday morning.

Liam went right to building the zoo.

Later, we went out for a Sunday morning stroll.  Brenna played hide and seek in the garage door openings.

Brenna is suddenly quite interested in blocks.  She managed to stack 6 in a row a couple of times.

Liam decided to make some train tracks and be the conductors.

And Brenna decorated her hands and arms with lots of the stickers Liam got for his birthday.

November 18:  Liam is Three! 

I asked him to pose with this stuffed guy he posed with every month of his first year and he struck this pose.  Classic

We spent the morning at the California Academy of Sciences.  Brenna really liked their play room.

Liam didn't want to leave the play room either.

Ok, we all had fun in the play room.

We also checked out the fish.

We saw a show in the tropical fish tank, complete with Dory and Nemo!

After naptime, Liam got to open his presents.

He got a Rokenbok truck from Grandma

He got Curious George and some George books from Uncle Nick and Aunt Jana 

We gave Liam a marble run.  And he got a couple other fun things, too.

And then there were cupcakes.

We also updated Liam's room with new bedding for his new bed and some truck decals to replace his nursery art.  Both kids did a jump test on the new bedding, and proclaimed it pretty great.

November 19:  Brenna covered herself in stickers.

Liam got some stickers, too.

November 20:  Today, there was a lot of coloring.

We've moved the art supplies in the new great room and it is definitely increased the interest in art.

There was also a lot of interesting in Ravioli's after dinner treat.  Luckily, she is not protective of her food.

November 21:  Grandma has a story on her IPad that both kids just love, Ms. Spider.  

Ravioli stays close by, just in case.

November 22:  Brenna loves to play her saxoflute.

When we went out to pick up dinner at the Mexican place nearby, Liam was starving.  So, he had the frosting off a cupcake while we waited for our food.

There was also some more Ms. Spider with Grandma.

Brenna loves Grandma, and Ms. Spider.

Then Brenna and Liam hosted a tea party.

November 23:  There was a neighborhood celebration at a playground near our house, so Grandma and I headed out with the kids while Dadda stayed home to get some house work done.

Brenna had fun on the slide and swings.

 Liam was the conductor of the train. 

And then they played in the sand.

And climbed a lizard and a turtle.

And played on the equipment some more.  Brenna and Liam were not too impressed with the neighborhood celebration part, but they enjoyed the playground.