Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Party (November 10-16)

This was the week leading up to Liam's third birthday.  We were really busy getting the house ready and prepping for the party, which was on Saturday.  Grandma came to town to celebrate and lots of friends made it to the big event, so Liam was thrilled.  And watching him enjoy his festivities made it fun for everyone.

November 10:  We decided to take a big "diventure" to order Liam's birthday cake.  Liam was really specific that he wanted a chocolate raspberry cake (despite never having tasted one before).  Luckily, they had one on the menu.  

And, of course, we had to sample their goods before committing to a giant cake.  So, Liam got a cupcake and Brenna got a sprinkle-covered sugar cookie.

The sprinkles made for a nice look.

On the way back, we stopped at a playground.  The sun had burned off the fog by then, so it was nice and sunny and warm.

And I even managed to get a picture of both kids sort of looking at me and sort of smiling mid-play.

November 11:  One of Brenna's new favorite tricks is showing off her belly.  It is quite impressive.

Liam is still into his costumes, which are now part of the dress up bin.

We have a book where a dinosaur bounces a pink ball down the stairs.  Liam (or Liam Buzz Lightyear as he prefers to be called when in costume) wanted to try it out for himself.

Brenna was not content to wait at the bottom of the stairs.

She wanted to get in on the action, as well.

November 12:  Tuesday is a school day for both Liam and Brenna.  Brenna seems to really be warming up to her teacher.  She was also very curious about a new book they read.

After school, we decided to go back to family night at our neighborhood cafe.  This may be our last time, though, as the other kids decided it would be fun to intentionally trip Liam instead of playing with him, repeatedly, without parental intervention.  Plus, neither Liam nor Brenna seem to be willing to eat the pizza there.   

At least the ice cream is a hit!

We're in a "no more riding in the stroller" phase of life (again).  Brenna prefers to walk or push it herself.  She's dying to get on a bike, but not quite ready or tall enough yet.

When we got home, we did a little reading.

And a lot of goofing around.

Liam Buzz Lightyear loves to jump on Brenna's new bed.  At least he doesn't fight bedtime (until it's time to stop jumping!).

We have another book where the gorilla teaches the girl to kick (hiiiiyaa!).  Brenna was practicing her kicks. 

"To Infinity and Beyond!"  Or, errr, bedtime.

November 14:  See anyone under that lump in the bed?

Oh, it's Liam!

And Brenna and Dadda.  Hiding under the covers is the best.

November 15:  Today was the day that San Francisco became gotham for a little boy's Make a Wish.  Unknowingly, Liam wanted to be batman, too.  

He and his Robin took a break from fighting crime to eat cookies.  Well, actually, they just eat the frosting on the inside and toss aside the actual cookies.

Party Day!  
We were up late prepping, including making favors for all the kids (tool belts with tool crayons).

I think the house came together pretty well for the big event!

We were expecting 16 kids total (including our 2), so activities and lots of seating were key.

Brenna wasn't feeling too festive.  She was having a clingy and sad morning, made worse by a Momma who had a lot of prepping to do and not a lot of time to just hold her.

The kids jumped right into the activities. 

This was the biggest hit - just some tools, golf tees, and styrofoam.  We had almost all the kids out there at once working on this.

Of course, good old chasing is always fun, too.  Liam got into a game of chase with his old bestie (Lucas) and his new bestie (Victoria) at the same time.  Toddler Bliss. 

Thank goodness for Grandma.  She made all the grilled cheese and even cut them into cute shapes for us while we ran around at the party.  Lifesaver!

Some friends had to leave at noon, so we sat the kids down for lunch and then sang Happy Birthday a bit early.  

That way, everyone who wanted it got cake!

Liam didn't eat a thing during the whole party except for frosting.

And then he was off to play some more!  He was running around everywhere, playing with everyone, answering the door, and telling me how happy he was and how much he loved his party.

The kids all quickly went back to playing after lunch.  Some out on the deck with tools, trucks and styrofoam. 

Others asked if they could play with some toys inside (so respectful!).

And Liam even got to see some of his big people friends, like Friend Sue and Laura (his awesome babysitter).  

Did I mention toddler bliss?  This was definitely it.