Monday, November 4, 2013

Costumes (October 27 - November 2)

Well, this week was Halloween and we had lots of events where costumes were encouraged.  Liam was enthusiastic about wearing his costumes as much as possible.  Brenna was not as big a fan, particularly of anything on her head.  But, she managed to wear hers three times nonetheless.

October 27:  We headed out early for Boo at the Zoo.  The zoo was open early for zoo members (US!) but we didn't make it there in time for the free carousel rides.  Next time.  We went with Buzz Lightyear and a penguin.

Brenna immediately went about taking off her head piece. 

She was distracted enough by hula hoops later on to keep it on.

Liam loved his whole getup, particularly the way his "helmet" kept the cold and wind off his ears.  It was a particularly chilly day at the zoo, so the hood came in handy. 

Brenna took some time to commune with her penguin pals.

And so did the rest of the crew.  We met up at the zoo with Lucas and Elizabeth. 

We're definitely going again next year because everyone loved Halloween decorations, costumes, and trick or treating at the zoo.

October 28:  We have deck railings!  And today our backyard got cleared up enough that we could play in it (nevermind the random screws and nails in the dirt).  Brenna particularly liked climbing the stairs (with pacifier in mouth because she's teething and under the weather).

Liam was thrilled that our backyard is now just a giant dirt pit (the grass did not survive).  He was reunited with his large plastic tractor, wheelbarrow, and dump truck, too.

He was also hamming it up while I took pictures because he likes to see himself in my camera display.

We even uncovered a piece of our outdoor furniture and took a break from the "hard work". 

Oh it's great to be outside in our own backyard!

October 29:  Brenna's second dress up Halloween event was Tuesday's class at her school.  They also dressed up on Halloween, so she got to use both her costumes.  Her Yoda was a big hit.

After his nap, Liam was focused on getting back in the yard to do more scooping and digging.

Of course, he had to fend of his pesky little sister.

Somehow her beloved Iggle Piggle made it outside and now it is filthy.  She kept saying, "Uh Oh!".

We got Brenna her own learning tower for the kitchen, and she can get up and down on her own.  Win!

After dinner, we played in the dry beans with some sensory bin materials (pirates!).  And, trucks of course.

Plus, we had a little musical interlude by Brenna.

October 30:  Can you guess what Liam wanted to do all morning?  Play in the backyard!  We got some of our stuff out of storage and the boxes made great little forts 

Brenna has not only started sleeping in her tummy (like me) but she also likes to burrow under her lovey pillow (like Brian).  Too funny.

We did more sensory bin play after dinner.

Plus, some chase with Liam in his tricycle.

I love when Liam loves playing with Brenna.

Halloween was a big day!  Liam got to wear his costume to school and then Brian, Brenna and I got to come to school early for the Halloween party.  It started with a parade. 

When they made the turn, Liam saw I was there and bolted from the pack yelling, "Mamma!".

Liam's class did a song with hand movements that was beyond cute.

While Liam and his classmates were having their snack, Brenna was thrilled to get a chance to play in the classroom.

After school, we all went to my office for more Halloween festivities.  There was trick or treating in the office and both kids were really into it.  It was a nice, safe warm up for the night.

After naptime, Brian and Brenna went to her school for another Halloween celebration.  

This time, Brenna went as a penguin.

When her class was done, we all geared up for real trick or treating.  We started at a nearby firehouse where the firemen were handing out candy and letting the kids touch the fire truck.

Liam was pretty enthusiastic about the candy.

Then we walked next door where the neighborhood kids were gathering for a costume contest.

Liam and Brenna shared a few treats. 

Liam tried to go back to talk to the firemen some more.

And Ravioli won the pet category for best costume (by default since she was the only dressed pet at the gathering).

Then Liam got to sit in the firetruck!

Finally, we got going down the street to do some trick or treating.  We ended up out for 2.5 hours, since we stopped to grab some dinner and make some friends at our local Mexican restaurant.  Everyone had a really good time.  I bet Liam will be asking when it's Halloween again every week until next year, just like last year. 

November 1:  I took the day off work and we had a babysitter all morning, so Brian and I got our master bedroom walls painted.  That meant we got to take up the paper protecting our new floors and clean up.  Luckily, both Brenna and Liam are enthiastic about sweeping and vacuuming.

They can work a mop and a broom.

It helps to have a supervisor dog, too.

November 2:  We took an early morning stroll to the donut shop.

But, we stopped along the way to pick flowers.  Liam likes to adorn his ride with flowers. 

We had our babysitter over for two hours so Brian and I could move and build furniture.  We got a lot done, but did not have time to build Liam's new bed.  Luckily, we had some good helpers.

Liam was covered in dirt from playing in the backyard all morning, so we did inside work in his underwear, of course.

A year ago, Opa told Liam that something measured five inches.  Liam's been measuring things at five inches ever since.  Unless it is big, and then it's fifty-five inches.  His new queen sized bed was declared fifty-five inches, of course.

Liam and Brenna also tested out Brenna's new bed with a game of hide and seek.  I love when they laugh and play together and no one gets hurt!