Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Relocating (November 3-9)

This week we did a lot of moving around.  There were the usual diventures, but also a lot of building and moving around of the spaces in our house.  The kids did well with all the changes and actually let us get a lot done.  They are also really enjoying the new space in the great room with lots of art, dress up, tea parties and movie nights.

November 3:  We went out for an early morning "diventure" to the donut shop, but forgot that they don't open until 9 on Sunday.  So, diverted to another great bakery.  Liam was pretty happy to have frosting of any kind.

Brenna had a soft cookie, which was great for her sore gums.

When we got home, Brenna and Liam wanted to do some more coloring on their cardboard box houses.  

Moving boxes (from getting stuff out of storage) and a few crayons and markers in a dirt pit of a backyard is a great way to spend the morning.

November 4:  After the kids went to bed the night before, Brian and I moved all their toys into the new great room and set up some new storage for art supplies.  Liam and Brenna were immediately drawn to the stickers, paper, markers, well, everything.

Drawing on your hands with markers is Awesome!  

Later, while I was at work, they went to the chiropractor and played under the table while waiting.

After dinner, I wanted to put together a new step stool for our downstairs sink.  Liam and Brenna wanted to help by shredding the styrofoam packaging.

Liam was calling it snow and both kids really enjoyed it. 

It got everywhere.

But sometimes bliss is messy. 

At least they help clean up.

And we got the step stool built.

November 5:  The dress up clothes are now in this bin.  Right now both Liam and Brenna are really into dress up.

I got this new table for the great room as well.  It's just a cheap Ikea table with the legs cut down to make it toddler size.  It is a huge hit (although climbing on the table is not sanctioned).

We made it out to family night again at a little cafe close to our house.  The kids don't love the pizzas, but they have Mitchell's ice cream, so that always makes the night.  Brenna was not so sure at first, but after a taste she was sold. 

Liam, of course, took no convincing.  He was pretty confident that "cookies ice cream in a cone" was the way to go.

November 6:  Brenna hasn't been eating much because she's been teething hard, so I made smoothies to go with dinner.  She approved.  

Since he ate a good dinner, Liam got a little mini pumpkin pie for dessert.  He loves pumpkin pie.  Such a fall baby.  Of course, he loves most sweets.

Brenna not so much.

A lot of our evenings now look like this.  There is a scramble to see who can get in my lap first.  And then screaming from the one who didn't get there first.  And then I figure out how to get them both on me and happy.  Oh, jealousy.

November 7:  A lot of the daylight hours now are spent like this - with dirty toddlers.  Liam and Brenna are so happy to have outdoor space to play in again, even if it is just a dirt pit.

We moved more furniture late at night.  Now, our desks are in the former playroom.  So, of course, Brenna and Liam had to inspect the new set up.

I am not sure why a wireless mouse and keyboard are so interesting.  They do make a nice clicking noise.  Toddlers (and babies) also instinctively know how to use them, which is rather frightening.

Future hipster lawyer? 

Since the Oregon football game was on, Liam got to sit at Brian's desk and watch a video while eating dinner while Brian watched football on TV.  Win win.  Liam actually ate the chicken, rice and raspberries I served him (another win!).  The raspberries, of course, must be eaten off his fingertips (also how he eats olives).

The Halloween candy is still around, though we gave a lot of it away.  It is great for making unhappy toddlers comply.  We're not above bribery.  Neither of them actually eat much of what they pick out anyway. 

After dinner, we had a tea party.  At the new kids table.

November 9:  It was a week of lots of projects and they continued on the weekend with the relocating of the TV and stereo to the new great room.  Luckily, Liam is a great helper.

Though he takes a lot of breaks.

Once the TV was installed, we were able to have a little movie night.  Both kids really liked Alice in Wonderland. 

Of course, firefighters and jedis like Alice in Wonderland, too.