Friday, October 25, 2013

Reunions (October 13-19)

It was a week of reunions.  We went back to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, played nicely around the house, and then hopped a plane for a much needed vacation.

October 13:  Liam requested a trip to the Bay Area Discovery Museum today.  The weather was beautiful, so we easily agreed.  Brenna loves the bubbles.

Brenna was a little clingy, but did have some fun in the play room.  Liam did, too.

And, of course, they have gravel to scoop!  With trucks!  And helmets!  And shovels!  Liam could live here.  So, we decided to get a membership.

Brenna makes a pretty decent assistant these days.

We found a few new things we hadn't seen before, like this log you can climb through.

And this patch of twisted tree limbs that make a tunnel.

Some twigs are formed into nests with stone eggs inside.  Liam sat on an egg to warm the baby bird while he had a snack.

Brenna really liked these nearby frogs that make different sounds when you rub the wooden sticks across their backs.

We had no idea there was a train room!

It also has fish and a boat and lots of other fun things.

Like these fishing lines on the boats that you can raise and lower.

Liam and I caught a sad clingy Brenna on our line.

And look at the sky!  It was a great day to play outside.

October 14:  Liam started playing "Ghost" with blankets.  He and Brenna played together off and on all day with their new game.

Liam got a new booster seat for our soon-to-return-from-storage dining room table.  Of course, Brenna decided it was her chair.

October 16:  Liam helped Dadda make homemade chocolate ice cream.  Apparently it was pretty delicious, because he ate the whole bowl.

With all the construction work, the kids really needed some slippers.  I got Brenna these penguins and she likes them so much so prefers to cradle them instead of wear them.

October 16:  Liam has quickly learned to ride his new Skuut.  And he's so fast.  I had one of those moments where my heart raced as he sailed down the sidewalk.  But he did just fine.

He found a motorcycle friend to hug.

We headed out to dinner since we had an early flight to catch and didn't want to do dinner dishes.  At our diner they have a stand full of crazy candy that the kids were checking out.

October 17:  We had an early start, a long flight to Dulles and then the car rental and car seat wrangle, drive to our rental apartment, and last minute play time with the cousins.  We headed to Alexandria, VA for my 20th high school reunion, to see old friends, make new friends, and reconnect with family.  On travel days, I barely get any photos, but this one of our toddler teenagers on the plane sums most of it up.

October 18:  Brenna took a tumble in the driveway of the apartment we rented, before we even got out on our first day of vacation.  Luckily, Halloween cookies solve most problems.

Liam loved playing in the fountain at city hall in Alexandria.  I remember playing here as a kid and it was fun to watch him enjoy it too.

And then I caught one of these looks.  I love how he smiles at Brenna these days.  Best buddies in the making.

There was lots of running and rolling, too.

And playing in the grass in the park by the Torpedo Factory, where I spent lots of time as a kid.

This is one of Brenna's new tricks.  She loves to show off her belly.

On our way down King Street towards the waterfront, we stopped at a toy store and picked up a few too many things, including these Playmobile motorcycles.

Liam and Brenna played nicely in the same spot with Liam's new toys.  Amazing.

Brenna picked out this ugly doll at the store.  She ran up to it shouting, "Cat Cat!".  So, we had to get it.

Liam willingly posed for pictures, too.

After lunch, we stopped at Ben & Jerry's, since it was on the way back to the apartment.  Nothing says vacation like pre-nap ice cream.

After naps, we met up with Maren, Brian, Rowan, Patrick, and Jackson at the park right next to the apartment we stayed at.

Rowan is pretty smitten with Ms. Brenna.  He kept trying to kis her.  She's not so sure.

There was sand to scoop.

And Liam decided he needed to climb this steep rope pull with Jackson and Patrick.  And he shoe'd away any parental help.  He really thinks he's 14.

And we got some sibling photo opportunities.

Then, we went out for dinner.  After dinner, there was much chasing.

And giggling.

And cousin love.  Can't believe these guys hadn't seen each other in 1.5 years (half of Liam's life!) and acted like they have always been best buds.  Melt.

October 19:  We had a pretty busy day, so busy that I didn't get many pictures.  We saw Patrick, Rowan and Maren at our second breakfast at Liam's new favorite bakery and then had the family picnic for my high school reunion in the morning.

I managed to remember to snap a couple pictures at dinner.

Oh, vacations.  The weirdest things happen.  Like Liam actually ate dinner - a hamburger - and ate it like a normal person, bun and all.