Monday, October 14, 2013

Hide (October 6-12)

This week Brenna and Liam played the cutest game of hide and seek while we were out for an adventure.  They played well together most of the week, really.  They scooped sand, were frogs, did hard work, rode bikes, and shared treats.  We can see the friendship deepening each day.

October 6:  Because of the government shutdown, we had to park outside Crissy Field and walk to the beach.  Luckily, there were flowers to pick on the way.

We set up camp with our scoops, trucks and buckets.

Liam loves the beach because there is sand to scoop.

Ravioli loves the beach because she gets to swim.  And Brenna loves Ravioli

Another successful morning at the beach.

After naps, Friend Matt came over.  The perfect end to the weekend.

October 7:  It was a big day.  A crane truck brought a steel beam to our house.  Liam was thrilled.

Ravioli found a stick, so she was pretty thrilled too.  And in all the excitement, I forgot to snap a picture of Brenna.  Oops.

October 8:  When I went in to wake Liam up from his nap at 5, this is what I found.

After I peeled away a couple of layers, I found this.  I had to work pretty hard to wake him up.

After Brenna and Dadda came home from class, we went out on an adventure, and Liam talked us into picking up some gummy worms at the corner store.

He even shared them happily with his sister. 

And then they played the cutest game of hide and seek ever.

Oh the giggles.  

Oh the happiness.

There were moments of quiet reflection, too.

And then some spinning in circles.

October 9:  Halloween is approaching and Liam said he wanted to be a "space robot", but mostly he wanted a lightsaber.  So, his jedi costume and lighsaber arrived today.  And he was thrilled.  We had to take it out on our adventure.  He tried it on, too, of course.  And took his lightsaber to bed with him.

Brenna already wants one, too.

Brenna and Liam pretended to be frogs, over pizza.

October 10:  Ravioli got a little too close to the drywallers today.  She had mud all over her chest.

We went out for another post-work adventure and stopped at the ant tree.  There is always a trail of ants up and down the trunk.  And Liam thinks it is fascinating.

Brenna got to go out without a stroller.  Like a big girl.

The light saber came with us, too.

And then we all stomped on these metal plates at the end of our block.  A huge hit with the kids, every time.

Another fun evening in San Francisco.

October 11:  Our great room is nearly done.  The walls are almost finished but the floors are not yet in.  But, it's great for riding bikes!

Even Brenna got to ride.

Liam, the former hater of the bath, wanted to play in the water.  He got water all over his face and hair.  Those private swim lessons seem to be paying off!

Brenna, our former bath lover, now screams when you try to put her in the tub.  So, she just watched Liam play.

And she chewed on some bath paint brushes.

October 12:  Our awesome Friday babysitter, Laura, wears a puffy coat when she rides her scooter.  So, today Liam insisted he had to wear his, too.  And insisted that Brenna had to wear hers.

On our adventure (that Liam now calls a "diventure", for some reason), we stopped to pick flowers.

And bang on metal statues.

And eat donuts.

And sit on stoops.

On the way home from our morning adventure, we found a Skuut at a garage sale.  It needed a new tire, so Liam and I got it fixed when Brenna went down for her nap.  Turns out the bicycle repair shop is about the most awesome place ever.  They have tools and guys to talk to and tools.  Oh, and tools.

Liam even picked out a new helmet for Brenna.  So, she got to ride outside, too.  She wasn't too sure about it though.  Even when Liam let her try out his beloved green motorcycle.

Liam, on the other hand, loves his new bike.  It's taller and faster than his motorcycle.  Score.

And we added a basket to it, which he loaded up with tools to go and do "hard work" down the block.