Monday, October 7, 2013

Games (September 29 - October 5)

Hide and seek, ball and the "whacking game".  This week was full of lots of fun and games.

September 29:  We realized that we had to get some furniture out of our house before the drywall started on Monday, so I took the kids out for an "adventure".

We ended up at the donut shop (no surprise).

Later, Liam helped me prep dinner.  He really loves to cook.

Almost as much as he likes "doing hard work" in his clownfish boots, no pants, and his wrestling mask, of course.

Brenna likes to do hard work, too.  Really, she just wants to do what Liam is doing.

I often remark about how different these two are.  And then they go and play ball in the hallway with the exact same mannerisms.

Liam found the sea glass that Brian and I picked up when we were in Fiji on our honeymoon.  It's great for scooping and dumping.

And Brenna discovered the comforts of Liam's lovey.

October 1:  Tuesdays, Brenna has her class at the Italian preschool.  She really enjoyed the arance (oranges).

After work and class, we took Ravioli out on an "adventure".

Liam really didn't want to go on a walk.  He wakes up so cranky from his nap most days.

Luckily, Brenna started trying to fish rocks out of the sidewalk, which got Liam's attention and distracted him from being so sad.

Ravioli supervised.

And then somehow this happened.

October 2:  After work and naps, we headed over to our friends' house for dinner.

We got home about in time for bed.

But Liam was finally hungry for dinner.  Luckily, we brought his beans and rice home with us.  So he munched in the last few minutes of his night.

And Brenna stole my apple.  She loves apples, especially if I eat the skin off for her.  She's only got 5 teeth, but she can bite into an apple no problem.

October 3:  While Liam spent the morning at preschool, Brenna got to play at home with Dadda.  She didn't appear to miss him.

At bedtime, the kids played hide and seek.  Oh the squeals and giggles.

I love when these two have fun together.

While Liam was finishing up his bath, Brenna discovered the floss.  It was fascinating!

October 4:  Liam was splashing around in the bath tub tonight, getting his face and head wet.  And laughing about it.  Amazing.  Private swim lessons seem to be helping.

The kids requested an early bath, so after we continued our Friday night movie night and had dessert.

One of Liam's favorite snacks is pretzel sticks with Nutella and peanut butter.  Well, he doesn't actually eat the peanut butter.  But he insists that it must be on his plate.

Brenna read some books.

October 5:  In the morning, we went out for a walk.

And ended up at a new playground (new to us, that is) at Garfield Square.

Brenna kept pointing at Ravioi and saying "dog!" every time she circled around towards where Ravioli was tied up.

There were great structures to climb.

And lots to explore and talk about.

And, of course, a swing!

On the way home, we saw a cat in a window.  Both kids talked to the cat, while the cat kept a close eye on Ravioli.

After naptime, we caught the end of the SFPCA 145th birthday carnival.  Liam really wanted to play the "whacking game" (mini golf).  He wasn't too bad.