Thursday, April 3, 2014

Shine (March 23-29)

We started this week basking in the glorious sunshine and ended it in the pouring rain.  But, rain or shine, we spent a lot of time outside playing this week.

March 23:  Another sunny day and another request for the Bay Area Discovery Musuem.  I think this is Liam's current favorite museum.

Brenna got in on the building block action today.

But then she found the balls!

And before you know it, we're off racing towards another exhibit.

Brenna spent some time in the tunnel.

Liam sifted sand.

Brenna drove a boat.  And Liam conducted trains.

And we ended up playing in the water, getting soaked, and heading home exhauasted.

March 24:  In an effort to get our snuggle bug sleeping completely independently, we invested in a giant stuffed cat.  So far she loves it, but she also loves snuggling with humans.

Brenna is always so eager to get in the tub that she forgets to get naked.

Lately, sometimes, Liam prefers to play instead of taking a bath. 

Post-bath naked book selection is still a hit, though.

March 25:  Sneaky girl has been finding pacifiers (they are supposed to be just for sleeping) and using them in while we play.  Her teeth hurt, poor thing.

Liam loves when new clothes arrive at the house (since all our shopping is done online).  He has to try on everything (even if it is not for him or not in his current size).  Octopus 5T shirt is a hit (but had to be hidden away until he grows again).

March 26:  Some days just call for mini cupcakes.  Today was one of those days.

Frosting with sprinkles makes everything better.

March 27:  Brenna just loves putting these drills in her mouth and turning them on.  Perhaps the vibration feels good on her gums?  Or maybe it just feels strange and toddlers love strange.  No idea, but she loves them.

Liam wanted cupcakes again, so I had to explain that not every night is a cupcake night.  So, then he requested an ice cream sundae.  Smart kid.  Waiting patiently for his masterpiece.

Brenna was more interested in my rings than the ice cream.

March 28:  The world's best babysitter, Laura, had spring break this week so she spent extra time with the kids.  Can you tell how much they love her (and she loves them)?  Reading books in bed before naptime.

In the afternoon, Brenna and I were waiting on the front porch for Liam and Gagga to come home from the pediatrician (Liam's fine).

Ravioli was waiting patiently, too.  She's still such a Momma dog, particularly to Liam.

When they got home, we played a bit on the deck and, of course, Brenna wanted "Bubbles!".

She really tries to blow her own bubbles, but can't quite do it yet.

So, instead, she and Liam let me blow bubbles while they ran around trying to pop them.

This boy is getting fast.

After dinner, we did a little "science" - pouring colored water into different measuring cups and spoons.  

March 29:  It poured rain this Saturday, but we spent the morning at a jumpy house playground birthday party anyway.  When we got home, we warmed up and dried out and played trains.

Brenna's hair was soaked because she loved splashing around in the rain.

I keep putting away these sparkly flip flops (a size too small) and she keeps finding them and insisting she must wear them.  Silly girl.

In the evening, we were invited for a playdate and dinner at the house of some neighborhood friends.  The rain had just stopped, but we were geared up for it to start again.