Monday, June 10, 2013

Friends (June 2-8)

I think this week we can safely say that Brenna and Liam have become friends.  Liam wants to play with Brenna, to comfort her when she's sad, to hold her hand, to have her join in on activities.  It is a pretty dramatic change.  And Brenna is still a bit weary of his advances, after months of torment.  But it is good, so good.

June 2:  It was pouring buckets today (see the rain boots?), so we went to a museum - the National Maritime Museum.  They have an exhibit called "Rescue" which is basically Liam's dream come true.  Liam got to ride a jet ski to simulate rescuing someone in the water.  Liam just wanted to race and ran the victim over.

He also got to put out fires with different fire extinguishers.  I think he like this best of all.

And he got to fly a helicopter.  Brenna really really wanted a turn.

There were rescue jackets, vests and helmets to try on.  Liam wore this life vest for quite a while.

Liam decided to put all the helmets in these lockers.  And then Brenna wanted to close all the doors.  Teamwork! 

Brenna got a turn in the rescue boat, after Liam had put away all the jackets and helmets. 

Most of the rest of the museum was far less interesting to the kids.  But, Brian and Liam did get to go on a big gun ship and submarine.  Liam wasn't sure about the submarine at first, but he quickly made himself at home.

Liam wanted to go back to the Rescue exhibit, but we managed to get him out of there and to lunch.  Brenna got her first try at restaurant "colouring" while we waited for our food.  Overall, a very good rain day!

June 3:  Liam decided that the base of our beach umbrella makes a good toy.  It is also a crazy weapon, so that was fun to try and negotiate.

While Liam was preoccupied with his new toy, Brenna snuck all the pineapple off his plate on the couch.  He didn't notice, but she sure was proud of herself!

June 4:  Liam was giving Brenna kisses on her tummy.  Voluntarily.  Just because he wanted to.

And washed her hair in the tub.  After asking to have a bath with her.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean he wants to share his Yo Gabba Gabba bath squatters.

After bath time, Brenna wanted to comb her own hair.

June 6:  Someone is teething.  She's got one bottom tooth that poked through but the other must be on its way, since she's been grumpy, waking up early, and chewing on this new teething toy.

She's also practicing some new skills:  standing up on the bed without holding on to anything and climbing anything, mostly us.

June 6:  Brenna and Liam were poking at Brian.  

And playing hide and seek with the pillows. 

And then Liam read the teletubbie a bedtime story.

June 7:  We got a package from home today (thanks Matt!) with mail and a couple items for Brenna.  Her hair is getting long so I got her some barrettes to keep the hair out of her eyes. 

And a first birthday outfit, including a tutu that Liam had to try on first.  It went so well with his tool shirt!

Brenna got to try it on too.  And she was really enamored with it.  It is part of a whole ridiculous ensemble that she'll wear for her big first birthday in a few weeks.

After baths, Brian created an epic double cave.

The kids played in it, together, for 15 blissful minutes.

Liam even asked his sister for high fives, he was having so much fun.

They played so hard, Brenna was exhausted and totally ready for bed.  It was a really fun ending to the day.

June 8:  Sibling bliss continued in the morning.  After asking his sister to join him in jumping on her bed (instead of insisting she leave the room, like usual), Liam demanded that she hold his hand as we walked out to the living room.  She wasn't so sure about it at first, which really frustrated him.  But, by the time we got down the hall to the table, they were both pretty pleased.  And holding hands.

The weather was a bit gloomy, but blue skies were coming through, when we headed to Bronte beach for the morning. 

Liam was so happy to be scooping sand.  He really wanted to go in the water, but it was too cold.  But we did get our feet and calves wet (some of us unintentionally!). 

Brenna tasted sand and did some scooping, too.

Bronte beach also has a little train you can ride and a great playground.  Despite the gloomy weather, it was a great day outside.