Monday, May 13, 2013

Sun (April 28 - May 4)

This week we got in what is likely to be one of our last beach days, as the weather is turning to fall.  Weekdays are beginning to feel more routine (which is nice, really).  But the weekends are full of fun and discovery.  And the week ended with Grandma returning to spend some more time with us.

April 28:  We headed out to Bondi beach to take advantage of the sun and warm weather

Brenna garnered a lot of attention in her suit, which I barely got on her (sized 18 month).

Liam was in heaven with his bucket and scoops.  He was a bit unsure about the waves and water at first, but eventually he got soaked and really enjoyed it.

Brenna was a natural in the water.  She is definitely going to be our little swimmer.

April 29:  Brenna showing off one of her new skills - clapping.  She also points and waves now.  

April 29:  Post dinner "vrooooooommmmiiing" on the couch.

April 30:  A few days late, as has become usual, we got Brenna's 10 month photos.  These are the first monthly photos without our usual chair.  But she does have her usual friends.  At 10 months old, she's 30ish lbs., cruising and pulling up like a pro and recently even crawling a bit.  She says "Mama", "wawa" and "vrrroooooom"!

April 30:  While I was putting Brenna down for bed, Liam and Brian were watching bats from the balcony.  It's a pretty nice night view of the harbor and passing boats as well.

May 1:  Playing in the morning in the living room.

May 1:  Liam showing off the new shirt we got him at the Kirribilli market.  It says, "Cool story bro.  Now let's go play trucks."  Very fitting.

May 2:  Brenna discovered udon noodles in Sydney.  She loves them!  And she know how to slurp them right up.

May 2:  Grandma brought Liam these "nonna nonna nonna nonna Batman!" jammies.  So, we introduced Liam to batman and spiderman through YouTube.

May 3:  After work, I ran a few errands and then met Brian, the kids, and Grandma at the train.  Grandma was just back from her mini vacation.  We headed to dinner.  And Brenna totally melted down.  So, she and I had to leave early.  At home, she chilled out.  But I was exhausted and totally forgot to catch a picture of Liam for the day.

May 4:  Saturday morning at the playground in Elizabeth Bay.  

Brenna loves to swing.

And Liam loves the big boy swing.

And the slide.

After Brenna's nap, we headed to the little reserve by our apartment for a picnic lunch.  Brian had the morning off, so Grandma helped out with the kids.  It was so warm and sunny in the park, we had to eventually move our picnic to the shade.

Brenna practiced her new skills of removing her show and crawling.  

And Liam checked out the koi in the pond.