Monday, May 20, 2013

Firsts (May 12-18)

This week we had a number of firsts.  First Mother's Day in Sydney and as a family of four, first steps, and first outing by car where we didn't get hopelessly lost.

May 12:  We headed to the train station with Grandma after Brenna's nap.  Grandma headed to the airport and the rest of us headed to Circular Quay.

We headed towards The Rocks, one of the oldest parts of Sydney.  There are lots of old buildings with lots of interesting history and also a Sunday market.

On the walk, we passed a cool fountain and Liam, of course, wanted to pet all the animals on it.

It was the last day to see the windmill that was on display at The Rocks.  Liam enjoyed going into it.

We're both used to doing a lot of this with Brenna (not an insignificant task since she's 30ish lbs.).

But now we're doing a whole lot of this.  She always wants to be on the go when we're out.  And she nearly stole the money out of the street performer's guitar case!

While Brenna was busy walking around, Liam was enjoying some chocolate gelato and the street musician.   

As we walked back to the train at Circular Quay, Liam took a break to chase birds, one of his new favorite past times.  Brenna was happy in her stroller taking in the scene (thankfully).

April 13:  We started out Monday morning with some of the new books Liam got last week from a friend back in the U.S.  

Brenna wanted to do a bit of reading, too.

And while I was at work, Liam and Brenna had some nice moments playing together.  These are becoming less rare, which is awesome.

May 14:  My office welcome balloon is officially out of helium, so I brought the gummy candies that were holding it down home. They're a month old (hard to believe we've been in Sydney that long already), but still passed the Liam taste test (except for the green ones).

Brenna likes macaroni and cheese.  The after-lunch clean up she is not as happy about.

May 15:  As I headed to work, the kids were busy playing trains.   We usually give Brenna some tracks of her own.

But then playing trains quickly turns into Brenna destroying Liam's tracks and grabbing his train cars.  Not a popular move with Liam.

Luckily, the whole day didn't go like that.

And there were moments of comedic relief, like when Liam told Brian he was "being Daddy".

Don't let this sweet smile fool you.  There was been a lot of sleeping in Brenna's room this week. 

May 16:  Why no sleep this week?  Because Brenna took her first steps on Tuesday night and she's been practicing nonstop since!

Another post of Liam with some sort of sweet.  This kid is doing a candy tour of Sydney.

May 16:  Another first:  Brenna said "ba"!  For ball, and she meant it.  She she passed the ball back and forth to me while saying it.  

She was quite proud of herself.  In fact, whenever you cheer around her, she claps now.

Liam was not very impressed.  He came down with a bit of a cold, so that made him subdued.

May 18:  For my birthday, we decided to spend the day at the beach. 

We headed to Balmoral beach, an inner north shore harbour beach.  It was beautiful, with a great sandy beach to play on and a shaded playground just above the beach.

Brenna pre-sand eating.  She's still likes to taste the sand at a new beach.

Liam was really into scooping, pouring and dumping when we first got there.  He also wanted to take his pants off to better enjoy the beach.

Brenna got some more walking practice in, of course. 

Liam was also really into the water this time.  Each time we go to the beach he gets a little more interested in it.  He was sad that I didn't bring his swim suit and rash guard, but it was pretty cold for swimming. 

Luckily, he was pretty satisfied walking around in the water and making footprints in the sand.  After a romp on the playground and lunch (complete with very agressive seagulls) at the beach, we headed home with very very tired kids.  A happy birthday for all!