Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer (June 1-7)

The end of school.  Family visits.  Missed naps.  Weekends away.  Hotels.  Sleeping in.  Airports.  Sunshine.  Late nights. Ice cream.  It's summer!

June1:  Breakfast with Nola and Uncle Nick.

We headed down to Half Moon Bay, to spend a little more time with Uncle Nick, Aunt Jana and Nola.  

We got there ahead of Uncle Nick's vanogan, and got right to digging.

Small people happiness.

And then they arrived!

Nola's first trip to the pacific ocean!

Not a beautiful day, foggy and cool.

But we rolled in the sand.

Got ourselves covered.  And then headed to lunch.  Such a fun visit with the New Hampshire crew!  We cannot wait to see them a

June 2:  Bubble bath!  A new favorite (we hadn't done them in a while).

Pretending to be a dog.

Running away with her pajamas.

And then picking books for bedtime.

June 3:  Brenna's last gymnastics class.  We wish Brenna and Liam could take the same class, because they would both love it.  But they are just a little bit too far apart in age.

Brenna is much more brave than Liam was at this age in gymnastics.  She particularly likes the balance beam.

Last week of school for Liam, and his buddy Ray's mom was in to read them stories.

Brenna insisted on wearing an apron to play blocks at her school.  

Ready for bedtime after a very full day.

June 4:  It took a bunch of coaxing, but Brian got the kids out for a trip to the playground.

And lunch at the diner.

Out for an evening stroll.  Liam is interested in his bike, again.  He's been all scooter and balance bike for a while.

With a stop to run around the closed mechanic shop yard, of course.

This is what happens when Liam doesn't sleep during naptime.

June 5:  Someone has been having a hard time waking up.

But it was Liam's last day of school!  With a party later in the morning, Brenna and Dadda had to take Liam to school (instead of me) so I could get some work done.

It also happened to be crazy hair day at school.  But Liam was not very excited that we put goop in his hair for the occasion.  

All the kids sat around the edges of the rug while Ms. Sophie handed out gifts from her and Ms. Chris for the kids.

Liam picked a green bag.

The kids all made Father's Day cards, too.  Liam was really proud of his card.

A quick thank you hug from Dadda for the card.

Then it was time for the food.

Some revamped crazy hair.

Some photos with Ms. Chris and Ms. Sophie.

And this is what happens when Liam's buddy's mom and I tried to get these two boys to pose for a picture together.  Much cuter, anyway.  Need to get some playdates in the books for these two, since Liam is switching school and it is a long summer.

Meanwhile, at Brenna's school, she asked to use the potty.  She's months younger than basically everyone else and has been watching them use the potties all year.  And now she's interested!  Think we'll be working on that over the summer, too.

June 6:  We opened a new chapter in travel, with tablets for each kid.  Brenna didn't last too long and didn't want to wear her headphones (despite dragging them all over the house for weeks), but Liam was pretty occupied for most of the flight to Seattle.

At our hotel room, Liam was still interested in the tablet while Brenna was busy calling Grandma (all weekend long) on the phone.  Or anything that could be used like a phone (like the airplane remote in the armrest).

June 7:  Out early to find some breakfast and go for a swim with cousins.

After the others headed for an early Bainbridge ferry, we headed to the ferris wheel and out to lunch.

Both kids really loved it.  We pointed out all the birds, boats, ships and other things we could see.

The weather was like this all weekend.  Perfect. 

At lunch, with crayons and kids menus.

And a hangry 3.5 year old, who didn't want his picture taken.

After a long morning, and lots of pre-nap goofing around in bed together, I had to wake the sleeping beauties up to meet up with the others.

The rest of our crew (and Dadda!) were already on Bainbridge Island.  We managed to make the ferry and enjoy some of the views on the crossing.

We met up with everyone at the restaurant for dinner.  While waiting for our table, Gaven, Liam and Brenna ran around and played a game.

Can you believe she almost refused to wear this adorable outfit?

They also checked out the boats and the water.  Brenna kept saying, "Hi boats!  Hi wawa!"

We took the ferry back with everyone (except Aunt Kelly) and everyone got a treat for dessert.

Brenna and Liam opted for giant ice cream cones treats.

A beautiful night with our beautiful clan in Seattle.